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  • Gray Cast Iron and it's Uses - Faircast, Inc. Foundry

    Grey Cast Iron is the oldest and most commonly produced casting in the world. More pounds of grey iron are is cast throughout the world every single year than any other type of casting. Some of the most common uses of gray cast iron include: Cinderblocks - this is the most common use as they are needed for everyday use in construction ...

  • Steel Castings at Best Price in India

    Steel casting is a process, wherein, mold is formed from a sand mixture and molten liquid metal is poured into the cavity in the mold. The products we offer cater to the requirements of engineering goods manufacturing, mining industry, rolling mills manufacturing, gears and gear boxes manufacturing, heavy machining units and

  • Cast Steel Production | Metal Casting Blog

    Download our Cast Steel Grade Chart; Cast steel grades. Steel grades have been created by standards organizations such as ASTM International, the American Iron and Steel Institute, and the Society of Automotive Engineers to classify steels with specific chemical compositions and resulting physical properties. Foundries may develop their own internal grades of steel to meet user demand for ...

  • Cast Iron vs Cast Steel | Metal Casting Blog

    Steel wears more readily than iron, but may still be resistant to certain types of abrasion. Certain alloy additions can also improve the abrasion qualities of steel. Cost. Cast iron is often cheaper than cast steel because of the lower material costs, energy, and labor required to produce a final product.

  • Stainless Steel Casting Types and Grades | INVESTMENT CASTING

    What is Stainless Steel Casting? Stainless steel casting is the special steel casting type used primarily because of their corrosion resistance. All stainless steels casting grades contain a minimum percentage of 10.5% chromium. Chromium is always the deciding factor, although other elements, particularly nickel and molybdenum, are added to improve corrosion resistance of stainless steel ...

  • Cast Iron vs. Cast Steel - Castings for Industry

    Cast steel usually refers to normal carbon steel and alloy steel. Which is a steel casting with carbon content lower than 2%. ... This makes the production cost higher than normal grey cast iron and cast steel. Therefore, there are more casting defects for ductile iron. ... Cast steel is a kind of isotropic material and can be made into the ...

  • What is Cast Steel? - wiseGEEK

    Cast steel allowed for a more uniform composition of, and fewer impurities in, steel than any previous manufacturing process. Since it is made in a crucible, cast steel is often called crucible steel. Worker . Steel is made by combining iron with carbon or other alloys. Iron is a soft metal, so not ideal for many construction purposes.

  • Cast Steel Price Calculator - price estimation, price ...

    please refer to our "Cast Steel Prices Per Pound, Kilogram and Ton". If you are confused to use this calculator, please refer to "Cast Steel Price Calculator User Manual". Just need to input or select the following items, to descript your steel casting parts: 1. Cast Steel Chemical Composition:

  • Gray iron - Wikipedia

    Gray iron, or grey cast iron, is a type of cast iron that has a graphitic microstructure. It is named after the gray color of the fracture it forms, which is due to the presence of graphite. It is the most common cast iron and the most widely used cast material based on weight.

  • PDF A: Tutorial on design of gating and feeding systems

    1. Grey iron castings (a) Thin walled castings of thickness 2.5 - 15 mm and weight less than 450 kg t = S √W seconds W = weight of liquid metal poured, kg S = coefficient taking into account of casting wall thickness Thickness of casting, mm 2.5 - 3.5 3.5 - 8.0 8.0 - 15.0 S 1.63 1.85 2.20 (b) In fps unit:

  • Steel - Billets, bars, and rods | Britannica

    Steel - Steel - Billets, bars, and rods: Billets are the feedstock for long products of small cross section. In cases when they are not directly cast by a continuous caster, they are rolled from blooms by billet mills. One method of rolling billets, which are usually 75 to 125 millimetres square, is to use a three-high mill with box passes, as shown in A in the figure.

  • Grey Iron Casting Companies Manufacturers | IQS Directory

    Grey casting is the production of molded products made of any of a particular group of iron alloys with notably high carbon and silicon content. Grey iron is a type of metal often used in castings. In the past, grey iron was known as cast iron; however, cast iron is now made out of iron-carbon alloys that have a higher level of ductility.

  • Aluminum Casting vs. Steel Casting: Choosing the Right ...

    Steel Casting Vs. Aluminum Casting is a question that often comes up when manufacturers are deciding how to design a new product. Both aluminum alloys and steel alloys have a variety of advantages and disadvantages, and the right choice depends on the part, product or project being cast.

  • Castings by Material | Sand Casting, Investment Casting ...

    Stainless Steel castings can be make by sand casting and investment casting process. Some stainless steel also in low foam casting and shell casting too. Martensitic Stainless Steel: DIN17445: GX8CrNi13, GX20Cr14, GX22CrNi17, GX5CrNi13-4 ACI: CA-15, CA-15M, CA-40, CA-6NM, CA6N BS3100PART4: 410C21, 420C28, Austenitic Stainless Steel:

  • What is Grey Cast Iron? - Willman Industries

    Grey cast iron (a.k.a. gray iron) is a type of iron found in castings known for its grey color and appearance caused by graphite fractures in the material. Specifically, what makes grey iron grey is the graphite flake structure from the carbon created during cooling the casting. Learn more!

  • Stainless Steel Casting VS Cast Iron - What You Need to ...

    Stainless Steel Casting VS Cast Iron. Two of the most common types of casting materials are stainless steel and cast iron, both of which allow for quality investment casting. While there are many different types of materials and metals which can be cast, iron and steel casting is very common due to their mechanical properties, which allow for ...

  • Speedy Metals - Cast Iron Round

    Steel Aluminum Stainless Steel Copper Brass Alloy Tool Steel Steel Tube Plastic Aluminum Bronze. TESTIMONIALS ; Now In: Cast Iron → Round. Cast Iron Round. Typical Applications. Class 40 Grey Cast Iron has a wide range of uses, including fluid power glands, manifolds, pistons, spools, valves, bushings, cams, gears, gibs, pulleys and wheels ...

  • Cast Iron and Cast Steel Casting Products made by China ...

    Iron Casting Price Calculator | Steel Casting Price Calculator The followings are some casting products made by cast iron and cast steel materials. In order to help you to check them quickly, we classified them by materials, casting processes, applications, and product names. We have the obligation to keep confidence and copy right for our ...

  • China Iron Casting manufacturer, Steel Casting, Aluminum ...

    China Iron Casting supplier, Steel Casting, Aluminum Casting Manufacturers/ Suppliers - Hebei Mingda International Trading Co., Ltd.

  • ASTM A27 Cast Carbon Steel :: MakeItFrom.com

    ASTM A27 cast steel is a carbon steel formulated for casting. The properties of ASTM A27 cast steel include five common variations. This page shows summary ranges across all of them. For more specific values, follow the links immediately below. The graph bars on the material properties cards further below compare ASTM A27 cast steel to: cast ...

  • Cast vs Wrought - Rolled Alloys, Inc.

    Cast : Wrought : Initial Cost Since cast parts avoid most fabrication techniques, the price per pound of a fixture could be lower. Pattern Cost A pattern must be made for each different cast part design. This is fine for production runs with thousands of parts but not very economical for one or two parts at a time. Weight

  • Steel Forming Process: Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Forging ...

    This post will explain the four different steel forming process: hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, forged steel and cast steel. Definition & differences.

  • Custom Sand Castings - Deeco Metals

    Custom Sand Castings. From simple to complex metal parts, sand casting is a versatile casting process. Due to this versatility, custom sand cast parts can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, most metal alloys and small to large quantities.

  • Chilled Cast Iron - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    The authors examined the laser surface alloying with different powders on different rolls, such as C-B-W-Cr powders on high Ni-Cr infinite chilled cast-iron rolls [81], C-B-W-Cr and NiCr-Cr 3 C 2 powders on NCIR [38], NiCr-Cr 3 C 2 powders on semisteel rolls [39], and NiCr-Cr 3 C 2 powders on cast steel rolls [40].A comparison about the alloyed layer quality (cracks and pores) and the wear ...

  • Sand Casting, Investment Casting and Die Casting in China ...

    We are specialized in producing casted products in China. We also supply fasteners such as bolt, nut, gasket and stud. Our manufacture processes: 1. Sand Casting, Resin Sand Casting and Green Sand Casting; 2. Investment Casting, Lost Wax Casting or Precision Casting; Water Glass( Colloidal Silica-sodium) or Silica Sol technology; or Colloidal Silica-sodium Silicate Compound

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